Foundation Subjects Overview - Theme

Our Foundation subjects are taught in a cross-curricular way, all linked by a common theme. Wherever possible, we incorporate other areas of the Curriculum, such as Literacy, Maths and Science so that learning is purposeful.

By allowing our children to have input into the development of our Curriculum, it is personalised to them. This means they have some ownership over it and, as a result, they are enthusiastic learners who are engaged in lessons.

Our subject leaders have ensured we have full coverage of the Curriculum and we allocate time to all subject areas so that our children's learning is broad and balanced and it will prepare them for life as well-rounded citizens.

To ensure that there is clear progression from one year to the next, our teachers plan lessons that build on pupil's prior knowledge, and they begin each Theme lesson with a key question to get them thinking.

If you would like to find out more about what your child is learning this year, please see the topic overviews below.