What have the Governors done over the 2015-2016 academic year?

The governors have met 12 times for formal meetings during the academic year 2015-16, plus have been into school on lots of other occasions. We visit the school to monitor different areas of the school’s performance and also to join in with special events.

The full governing body meets every half term. It is responsible for safeguarding. It is also responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school. The governors are keeping a watching brief on the Government plans to change all schools to academies. We set all the policies which provide the framework for day to day operations at the school. We also review school trips such as the trip to the battlefields in summer term 2016. The full governing body oversees the main committees. Different governors are responsible for different aspects of the school’s performance such as safeguarding, health & safety, inclusion and more.

The governors ensure that the school balances its budget and prepares for new expenditure. This is overseen by the Resources committee. In this academic year, the Resources committee has agreed and monitored a balanced budget and financed the repairs to the playground and the new LED lights throughout the school.

The Performance and Standards committee meets to ensure that the school achieves the most it can do and also checks on the attainment for some of the more vulnerable school pupils. With a focus on writing through this academic year, the Governors are thrilled that the school was commended for the breadth and depth of the children’s writing. Well done everyone!

Every meeting is recorded.