Our values

The values of our school are:

Friendship Honesty  Trust  Peace 
Love Respect  Forgiveness  Perseverance 
Caring Compassion  Kindness   
Loyalty Tolerance  Thoughtfulness   

The golden rules are:

We are gentle – we don't hurt others

We are kind and helpful – we don't hurt anybody's feelings

We listen – we don't interrupt

We are honest – we don't cover up the truth

We work hard – We don't waste our own or others' time

We look after property – We don't waste or damage things

Our aim is to develop in all children, even the youngest, a sense of self discipline, together with care and respect for others and their environment.

When children are actively involved in their work in a friendly and caring environment where they feel valued, there is a calm and controlled atmosphere.  At home you will have been teaching your child the different between right and wrong.  By example you will have been helping your child to develop good manners and a sense of morality; we aim to continue this at school.

Assemblies and religious education and expectation of good behaviour in school from staff, gives children a clear picture of the positive behaviour that is expected.

We have clear guidance in our Behaviour Policy and our children's Code of Conduct.