School Council

School Council Yearly Plan 2016-2017

Our On-going Targets:

·         All children in our school will have a voice

·         The School Council meets regularly with the deputy head, Mrs Wells, to talk about ways in which they can improve our school. All members will always talk to the children in their class and take their ideas and views to the next meeting.

·         We will continue to take responsibility for the recycling bins which the previous school council set up.

Autumn Term Targets

1.  Setting up the new school council (we will need a chair to lead the meetings and a secretary to take the minutes.)

We will agree our goals and rules of the School Council. We will make a plan for the year

2.  Clubs

We will talk to the other children in our classes to find out what clubs children would like run this year. We will bring this information back to the school council meeting and decide which are the most sensible suggestions. Mrs Wells will then organise for some of these clubs to run in school throughout the year.

3.  Developing a Healthier School

We have identified that a lot of children in school are eating too many sweets, crisps and biscuits and we want to address this. Some children eat unhealthy packed lunches and some bring sweets in at break time. We will arrange a meeting with County Caters to discuss new, healthy menu options for school dinners. We also know that some children come to school by car when they could walk. We will ask children to vote on how healthy they think the school is and we will organise events to change what children eat and the exercise they do. (E.g. a Walk to School Week.)

4.  Anti-bullying week (14th – 18th November)

We will work with Miss Fraser, the PSHE Co-ordinator, to plan an assembly, arrange some advertising and activities to raise awareness. We will work with her to promote our school anti-bullying character. We will also check the anti-bullying policy to check it is up-to-date and still relevant.

Spring Term Targets

1)   Meet with the school Governors

We will meet with some of the school Governors to share what we have been organising and the changes we have made.

2)   Playground Project

We will speak to the children in our classes to find out what they think of the activities at break and lunchtime. If any issues arise, we will make changes to make these more fun for everyone!

3)   Enterprise Profit-Making Project

We will decide a way in which we can make some money to buy resources for our school. Prior to this, we will discuss with our classes what they think our focus area should be. We will be given some money to buy resources to support us in raising as much money as possible.

Summer Term Targets

1)   Make Preparations For Spending Money Raised

We will calculate how much we raised and start researching the most efficient way to spend it by shopping around to buy the best value items.

2)   Supporting the Summer Fair

We will speak to the PTA to find out what support they need in organising the summer fair. We will organise a stall and support in any other ways we can.

3)   Support a charity

We want to raise money for a charity. In our School Council meeting we will come up with 5 charities we would like to support. We will hold a whole school ballot to vote for which charity we will raise money for. We will then decide how we are going to raise the money.