School Council

School Council Yearly Plan 2018-2019

Our On-going Targets:

·         All children in our school will have a voice

·         The School Council meets regularly with the deputy head, Mrs Wells, to talk about ways in which they can improve our school. All members will always talk to the children in their class and take their ideas and views to the next meeting.

·         We will make our school healthier.

·         We will take responsibility for the recycling bins which the previous school council set up.

Autumn Term Targets

1.  Setting up the new school council 

We will agree our goals and rules of the School Council. We will make a plan for the year

2.  Developing a Healthier School

We have identified that a lot of children in school are eating too many sweets, crisps and biscuits and we want to address this. We know a lot of children eat snacks like this before and after school and at break and lunch. We want to educate children about how much sugar is in the snacks they eat and encourage them to make healthier choices. We will organise a week in school to launch healthier snacking.

3. Clubs

A lot of children in both Key Stages have talked about wanting more clubs to run. We will speak to Mrs Smart who coordinates clubs in school to share our ideas for clubs later in the year.

4. Fundraising

We will help to organise the fundraising events for Children in Need. We will meet with Miss Kelleher to see what she has planned and how we can help.


Spring Term Targets

1)   Playground project

After speaking to the children in our classes, they would like us to look into what equipment is on offer for them to play with at lunchtimes. We will audit what we have and make a list of what we need. We will meet with Miss Brown to see if she can train some sports leaders to lead activities at lunchtimes.

2)   Raising Money

We will organise an event to raise money to buy resources for the playground.

3)   Developing a Healthier School

We will organise the second event to make our school healthier. We know that some children in our school are not eating healthily at lunchtimes because they do not eat enough vegetables with their school dinner or they do not bring a healthy packed lunch. We will run an event to educate children and parents about what makes a healthy and balanced lunch.

4) Visit to the Houses of Parliament

We will travel to London to visit the Houses of Parliament to find out how our country is run. We will use what we learn on this trip to help us in our role as school councillors.


Summer Term Targets

1)   Supporting the Summer Fayre

We will speak to the PTA to find out what support they need in organising the summer fair. We will organise a stall and support in any other ways we can.

2) Developing a Healthier School

We will organise the final event to make our school healthier. We know that some children in our school are not getting much exercise and even drive to school when they could walk instead. We will organise a ‘Walk to School’ week to launch our exercise initiative.

Mrs Gurney,
Oct 17, 2018, 3:53 AM
Mrs Gurney,
Oct 17, 2018, 3:53 AM
Mrs Gurney,
Oct 17, 2018, 3:53 AM
Mrs Gurney,
Oct 17, 2018, 3:53 AM