Rules for Online Safety

1.       You should never give out personal information such as your address, telephone number, parents’ work address/telephone number without your                parents’ permission.

2.       You should immediately tell your parents if you come across something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

3.       You should never agree to meet up with someone you “meet” online without first checking with your parents. If your parents agree to the meeting it             should be in a public place and take a parent along.

4.       You will talk with your parents about posting pictures of yourself or others online and not post any pictures that your parents consider to be                         inappropriate.

5.       You should never respond to any messages that are mean or in any way make you feel uncomfortable. It is not your fault if you get a message like             that. You should tell your parents immediately if you do.

6.       You should talk with your parents so that you can set up rules for going online and using a mobile phone. You should decide upon the time of day               that you can be online, the length of time you can be online and appropriate areas for you to visit. You should not access other areas or break these           rules without their permission.

7.       You will never give out your passwords to anyone (even best friends) other than your parents.

8.       You should always check with your parents before downloading or installing software or doing anything that could possibly hurt our computer or                   mobile device or jeopardize your family’s privacy.

9.       You will always be a good online citizen and not do anything that hurts other people or is against the law.

10.     You should help your parents understand how to have fun and learn things online and teach them things about the Internet, computers and other               technology.