Head Boys/Girls & Prefects 2015-2016

Head Boy and Girl

Our Head Boy and Girl and their deputies were elected by the staff of St Andrew’s Benn. The children who wanted to apply for these special roles prepared a speech which they read to all of the staff during a staff meeting. The staff listened to the points the children outlined in their speech and then also considered their behaviour, their attendance and if they wear the correct uniform before assigning roles to the prospective children. Those children who were not given a role as Head Boy or Head Girl or their deputies were given the role of prefect.


Job Description

The Head Boy and Head Girl, their deputies and our prefects attend and support at many events in school such as parents’ evenings and school fairs. As well as this, we ask our Head Boy and Head Girl to show prospective parents and other visitors around our school. The Head Boy and Head Girl often give speeches to large groups of people, for example, our whole school collective worship in church at the end of each term. Another job these children have is to coordinate cross phase activities such as peer reading.


Team Captains

The team captains and vice captains for the Strawberries, Apples and Bananas were elected to their positions by the other members of their teams. Their role is to collect the house points at the end of each week ready for the Monday assembly the following week, the give encouraging speeches to the members of their team and to organise their teams during events such as Sports Day.