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Memory for Manchester St Andrew’s Pride (Part 2)

posted May 25, 2017, 2:07 AM by Mrs Gurney

Memory for Manchester

St Andrew’s Pride (Part 2)


We all woke up

to start a new day,

The same routine as every school day.

We turn on the news to check the weather,

Only to hear of shock and terror

We can’t take it in,

We can’t understand

How can this happen

In our free land?

We held back our tears when we wanted to cry

We took deep breaths

And held out heads high

We made it to school

We don’t want to say “bye”

We want to stay close

And safe, side by side

But we mustn’t be scared

It’s time for school

Where the teachers protect you, one and all

They may not have answers

And they feel sad too

But rest assured they are there for you

So lets stick together

Be there for our friends

For our love, hope and strength

Will never end